First lecture of CS3216 and workshop

Well, this’ll be a tech blog later. Now it’s for CS3216, the NUS modules that teaches requires allows you to make FACEBOOK and Microsoft Silverlight (WPF) apps.

In the first lecture, what I like the most is the Show-n-tell session. I like Hui Hui’s laser guns a lot =) I can’t imagine that other people ‘d bring water bottle (? -> and drinks blows ), meatballs, candy, laser guns,  abstract pictures, and a lot of videos.

In the first lecture, there’s no techies stuff, just administrator and schedules. It’d be very soon to the deadlines. What’d need to be done is not to miss deadlines die. The better part is the “Life of a facebook app” note is very well written, so when I read it I found finally it’s not hard to make a Facebook app. Success of Facebook apps lies in the coder maker’s creativity, and social connecting power of the app.

About the workshop, I think it’d be boring if you’ve got some knowledge about unix or php/mysql. The best part is that, uhmm, I love the food =) , the cheatsheet’s good, and Chris is very approachable and he sweared a lot.


2 responses to “First lecture of CS3216 and workshop

  1. Yoo hoo? Anybody home?

  2. Actually, the lectures will have very little techy stuff. The techy stuff is all in the assignments, which we took a lot of time to prepare.

    You will hopefully learn different things in the class. The lecturers are supposed to expose you to things beyond just work and the classroom and make you think.

    The workshops are there to help some students level up on their knowledge. The WPF workshop is the most hardcore one because none of you are expected to know any WPF.

    The core learning of technical content and more importantly “learning how to learn new stuff on your own” is embodied in the two assignments and Final Project.

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